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Why was there NO mention of Wim Dankbaar, the so-called expert on the JFK assassination, and James Files at the 40th or 50th year anniversary of John F. Kennedy's murder?  There were numerous theories discussed, but nothing about Dankbaar's. 

Could it be because no one takes them seriously except for other conspiracy nuts? 

Check out what others are saying on well repected sites and blogs.  Some of these sites have been around for over 12 years.

Allan Eaglesham

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Now you can read all about how the James Files story started long before James Files started his trail of lies.  "The Files Mosaic" is a must read. WINS OVER
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(not his real name, so he won't be sued by Wim)

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Wim Dankbaar & The JFK Murder Fraud

Read all the proof that James Files Lies

about the JFK Assassination!

Wim Dankbaar Fraud ClownSPECIAL REPORT 1:
Wim Dankbaar Arrested & Jailed for Hacking, Fraud, Email Theft, Conspiracy and Invasion of Privacy Against Award Winning Dutch Crime Reporter Peter R. De Vries.

Wim Dankbaar Labeled a Stalker and Defamer by Dutch Courts;
Court Orders Dankbaar to Cease and Desist Libel Against Dutch Police


Wim Dankbaar Ordered by Dutch Courts to Undergo Psychological Examination --- OCT 2013

Dankbaar is a JFK conspiracy "theorist" who, through his website, jfkmurdersolved and on numerous blogs and e-commerce sites throughout the Internet, promotes the sale of his books/CDs/DVDs, which many believe are simply perpetuating a massive hoax by imprisoned criminal James Files. 

In the course of his promotions, Mr. Dankbaar also libels and threatens individuals who dispute his contention that James Files was the sole assassin of President John F. Kennedy.

Mr. Dankbaar, who is from the Netherlands, has also slandered the former company of an individual with whom he's had a personal dispute and he has engaged in a malicious email campaign to harass and destroy the personal credibility of the individual and all people associated with him.

NOTE: Mr. Dankbaar and his attorneys were contacted numerous times to remove the lies on his website and he has refused. Please read our DISCLAIMER before continuing.

Articles for Your Information:

The Files Mosaic - To understand the Extent of the James Files Fraud and How Mr. Wim Dankbaar Came to Take Control of It -- you MUST READ this article first!

There is Mr. Wim Dankbaar & James Files, and then there is THE TRUTH!

Cybersoup vs Dankbaar: The Real Story

Has Mr. Dankbaar Refused His Financial Obligation Which Could Save Girl's Life? - MUST SEE VIDEO

Dankbaar Arrested and Jailed in Case against Dutch Crime Reporter Peter R. De Vries

James Files and His Full of Crap Confession-Internet Poster Report

Comments From Readers:

"I always thought James Files might be lying to get attention." -- js

"I spent several years of my life learning how to write and lie ( it's called 'creative report writing' ) on official reports. I read File's statements and caught several juvenile but major give-aways on my first reading. He's a con-man; simple as that. Let this fellow rot and die alone in prison. End game." -- W.H.

"Thank you so much for exposing Wim Dankbaar and his ongoing fraud.   He has slandered and libeled so many people over the years with his vicious rants it is obscene.  Thanks again and keep up the good work.  The more people who know what a lying creep this guy is the better it will be for all his victims! "- ck

"Mr. Dankbaar has some serious mental issues with respect to the case he puts forth re: James Files and JFK as well as for how he treats people on the internet who disagree with him.  It would be sad except for the fact that he has deliberately harmed many people over the years." - pk

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